Mindmap SEO

Mindmap SEOMain PurposesGenerate LeadsDevelop Fans BaseIncrease SalesStrengthen Brand AwarenessEngage with UsersSEO ToolBrand VisibilityVarious User GroupsBusiness PerformanceInnovation FactorsWebsite TrafficVisiting Time PeriodClicksUser DemographicsTraffic SourcesUser BehaviorsRe-engagementSales FigureSocial Media ActivitiesKeywordDigital MarketingOffline MarketingBlog PostsEbooksPostsEventsOnsiteVideosPodcastsEmail NewslettersMind Maps1.Define goals & audience2.Carry out researches3.Do content audit4.Brainstorm ideas5.Decide content types6.Publish content7.Manage and follow-up contentWebsiteSEO is narrower and technicalSEO demands contentSEO demands keywords for CM to useSEO demands backlinks whereas CM brings backlinksDemographic infoChannelsPain points3.1 Inventory content3.2 Sort and tag content3.3 Add useful metrics3.4 Analyze data reportsOffsite
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