FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENTPLANNINGPlanning involves determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them.*Role:-The best ways to improve performance.-Encourage people to perform well in work.-Gathering and managing the information needed to make good decisions.*How to Make a Plan That Works-Setting Goals-Developing-Commitment to Goals-Developing Effective Action Plans-Tracking Progress-Maintaining FlexibilityORGANIZINGOrganizing is deciding where decisions will be made, developing an organizational structure, and allocating human resources*Role:-Establish positions for individuals and departments that work together to accomplish organizational goals.-Organizational diversification.Designing Organizational StructuresDepartmentalization-Functional Departmentalization -Product Departmentalization -Customer Departmentalization -Geographic Departmentalization -Matrix DepartmentalizationOrganizational Authority -Chain of Command -Line Versus Staff Authority -Delegation of Authority -Degree of Centralization Job Design -Job Specialization -Job Rotation, Enlargement, andEnrichment -Job Characteristics ModelLEADING
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