Driver Assembly

Driver AssemblyRaw MatrialCNC MachiningSlot GrindingSS/465PC/MakrolonIncoming at Unit-1 or Unit-2Incoming at Unit-2AUSAMD Unit-1AUSAMD Unit-1Heat Treatmentat Supplier EndIncoming inspectionat AUSAMD Unit-1Centerless Grindingat Supplier EndIncoming Inspectionat AUSAMD Unit-2EDMat AUSAMD Unit-2Bead BlastingAUSAMD Unit-2Surfactant Wash and Ultrasonic DI Water WashAUSAMD Unit-2EP If requiredAUSAMD Unit-2PassivationCitric acidat AUSAMD Unit2100% Visual InspectionAUSAMD Unit-2Insert Moldingat AUSAMD Unit-2Final Inspectionat AUSAMD Unit-2Packing and DespatchStopUNIT-2 Operations
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