Stages of Curriculum Development

Stages of Curriculum Development3. Selecting Content1. Diagnosing Needs2. Formulating Specific ObjectivesAttitudes, sensitivities & feelings to be developedSelect the topicSelecting the basic ideasSelecting the specific contentProblemsConditions DifficultiesConcepts or ideas to be learnt4. Organising Content5. Selecting learning Experiences6. Organising Learning Experiences7. Evaluating8. Checking for Balance & SequencesSourcesLeads to come out with a new conception of curriculum & understand the need of different stagesWays of thinking to be reinforced, strengthened or initiated.Habits & Skills to be masteredSequential orderConcrete to AbstractSimple to ComplexKnown to UnknownImmediate to remoteEasy to difficultInductive Logical Reseoning1. Introduction Opener, OrientationMake connections with their own experienceArouse IntrestProvide Concrete Descriptive DataCreate Involvement & Motivation2. Development Analysis & Study 3. Generalisation 4. Application, Summary & CulminationRhythm of Learning ActivitiesReadingResearchingAnalysing dataStudying & finding answersPut together all ideas & reformulateApplyAssessEvaluatemastery of knowlwdge InternalisationDiscipline knowledge, analysis & ReflectionStep 5 & 6objectivesdiagnosisAppraising progress & changesApproaches & Methods of evaluationOverall ConsistencyLearning experiences are planned for contentAchievement of Objectives planned for overall progress of topicM.Ed - 203 - Curriculum StudiesStages of Curriculum Development Shaheen Iqbal Shaikh - 43Asst. Prof. Dipali Mehakarkar
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