Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestylebe good for yoube bad for youfresh fruitplenty of fresh airfishregular exercisesaladsmokinglots of sugara lot of stress at worktoo much alcohol / saltwatching your weightjoin a gym / health clublose weight / a few kilos put on weight / a few kilosgo on a diet / a crash dietresist = cut out chocolates / anything sweet collocationseat between mealsone's waist sizedrink in moderationon a regular basisget rid of spotslook carefully at your dieteat more healthilytry cutting out all sugar and butterget enough sleepwork outkeep smb fitstay healthygive up smoking / alcohol completelycut down drinking ( a little)avoid stressful situations / eating big mealskeep to a dietbe in really good shape / unfitget loads of energyget out of breathbe as fit as a fiddleget really out of condition