Project Coil Production in Vietnam

Project Coil Production in VN MaterialMachineOperationQA & QCMachine supplierAIBank coilPackaging materialFrom Local VNFrom YNFrom BMHigh pricePurity low 5%Can't purchase directPrice High Possible reasonable priceProvide 2 document setsA legal AI name for export in CNA Real name for import in VNSupport COASupport MSDSInvoice & PL with the the real AINot mention AI detail name on B/LDetail of shipment DOC follow VN consult.BMPriceVolumePacking sideMetal standLocal suppliersShipper cartonInnerboxShrink filmScotch tapeSolvenMetal stand (local)Conveyer lineMachine Insert coil into boxShrink machine for 5 DB coilShrink machine for bundle 5 boxesMachine seal shipper cartonMFG Date printerMixing chemical machineInvest direct from TNKMCall for co-operate from BMCapital invest from Thailand %Capital invest from Vietnam %Discuss with BM for the oppotunitiesCapital invest %Manpower cotrolFinance cotrolJob basic training managermentSafety trainingImport processStandard qualitySHE managermentAnalyse the production processEnginerSuperviorWorkerQCMachine installationExpert from supplierInstal machine and testAnalyse the cost of FGSCompare to the import costAnalyse the potential and risk