ELECTRICITYDefinition Electric Current Definition. An electric current is a flow of particles (electrons) flowing through wires and components. It is the rate of flow of charge. If the electric charge flows through a conductor, we say that there is an electric current in the conductor.Potential difference definition is - the difference in potential between two points that represents the work involved or the energy released in the transfer of a unit quantity of electricity from one point to the other.1.SI UNITS - AMPERE (A)2.AMMETER3.I =Q/tOhm' lawV=IRohm's law in Science. [ōmz] A law relating the voltage difference between two points, the electric current flowing between them, and the resistance of the path of the current. Mathematically, the law states that V = IR, where V is the voltage difference, I is the current in amperes, and R is the resistance in ohms.1. SI UNIT -VOLTS2. VOLTMETER3. V=W/QRESISTORS1.SERIES 2.PARALLEL