CHEQ RE6 Testing

Low Throughput
Not enough time to revisit tc before execution
Not familiar with the features
No KT when there are new features deployed
Test Case Assessment
Some Test Cases are not updated (resulting to N/A, Deferred)
Some TC needs to be updated due to new feature
Test Data
Test Data Unavailability
Test Data became useless due new access credentials
Test Data are not yet loaded, resulting to testers creating test data in parallel with exec
Limited Inventory (Onsite)
Tester needs to reuse and update inventory configuration process before tester can proceed with test execution
Some Test Cases needs as much as 5 boxes in one end-to-end scenario
Inventory File is not being updated by other users who used the box, which makes it harder for the tester to determine which box is already used and not used
Remind testers to make sure file is always updated
Inventory Clean-up
Tasks takes as much as 4-6 hours since it involves manual multiple processes between Onsite, ClickSoft, CRMS and Tester and sometimes TCS
JP owns this task before but since this is a new task for the tester, there is a learning curve
End to End Test Cases with JOC
After an RE, testers immediately proceed with execution of the next RE
NIMS Tasks
Fred is the SME for NIMS and is being tapped to attend meetings, test design, configuration
Need to KT to help lighten Fred's load
User Role/ Access
Parallel tasks of Retest and New Test Case Execution
Due to Retest SLA, Retests are being prioritized over new test cases
End to End TC need to use actual user accesses instead of generic HOBSAdmin access
Some TC are high level only and is based on FE
There is demo but it doesn't cover everything at all
This results to testers spending time to study TC first before executing
Happy Path scenarios are shown
Not all testers are required to attend demo
This will impact throughput of test execution of new test cases
Unstable Environment
When new features or after deployment, system becomes unstable