INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERType of Computerspersonal ComputersMidrange computer-serverA server controls access to the hardware,software and other resources on a networkNetwork and the internetComputer SoftwareAdvantages and Disadvantages of Using ComputersThe Components of a ComputerHardwareNetworksInternetsocial networking WebsiteSoftwareInstalling AdvantagesInput DeviceOutput DeviceSystem UnitStorage DeviceCommunications DeviceA personal computer can perform all of its input,processing,output and storage ativites by itselfDisadvantages SpeedReliabilityStoragecommunicationsConsistency Health TisksViolation of PrivacyPublic SafetyImpact on Labor ForceImport on Environmentsoftware, also called a program tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them System Softwareapplication softwareinstalling is the process of setting up software to work with the computer,printer and other hardwareComputer Application in SocietyEducationFinance GovernmentHealth CareSciencePublishingTravelManufacturingSupercomputersA supercomputer is the fastest, most powerful computer DesktopSmart phoneTablet PCPDAPortable media playerHandheld computerDigital cameraMainframesA mainframe is a large,expensive,powerful computer that can handle hundreds ot thousands of connected users simultaneouslyhigh-capacity computers used by very large organizationsA network is a collection of computers and devices connected together,often wirelessly,via communication devices and transmission mediaThe Internet is worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of bussiness,government agencies,educational institutions and individuals.A sosial networking Website encourages members to share their interests,ideas,stories,photos,music and videos with other registered users.
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