Should children do chores

Should children do chores?YesChores help build a strong work ethicChores are commonly tied to a reward, such as an allowance or TV time.Paying children for a job well done can also spark an entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them to work outside the house once they reach their teens.
Chores help reinforce respect.It takes moving away from home for most of us to fully appreciate all the hard work our parents did around the house.
Kids may become more aware of the messes they make if they're tasked with cleaning up around the house, and more respectful of the work that goes into maintaining a home.
Chores help teach teamwork.Learning these lessons at home, where mistakes are more easily forgiven, can help kids develop strong teamwork skills to use at school or work.Chores help kids learn responsibility and self-reliance.Assigning children regular chores helps teach them responsibility.Cleaning their room or doing their own laundry, can help them become more self-reliant.Chores help teach life skills.They're young now, but they won’t be kids forever!Laundry, cooking and budgeting are just some of the skills your kids will need once they finally move out.These are also things that schools do not fully teach, making learning them at home even more important.Help adults avoid sicknessBecause there are so many works to doChoresWorkMake lunch, dinner....If they don't have help, they would pass out and ends up in the hospital.Is another way to relieve stressIn a book, a monk said, everyday, cleaning the first thing to do in the morning.Makes everything cleaner, more beatiful, make people feel comfortable