How the Steel Was Tempered

Dedication to ideals, iron will and noble quality of tenacious struggleWorks"How the Steel Was Tempered"Nikolai OstrovskyThe novel commends Pavel for the best spiritual qualities of that era.The Model of Idealism and the Guidance of Life12-year-old Pavel threw soot into the priest's dough and was expelled from school. He went to work in the canteen of the station, tortured and insulted. Later, because he forgot to turn off the faucet, he was beaten to death and was fired.Pavel went to a power plant as an apprentice, got acquainted with Zhukhrai, Zhukhrai taught him boxing, and told him about revolutionary principles.During a fishing trip, Pavel got acquainted with the forest officer's daughter Tonia and later visited Tonia's house as a guest.Zhukhrai was arrested, and Pavel ran into the escorted bandits on the road. He seized the opportunity to rush to save Zhukhrai, but he was sent to prison by Victor.In prison, Pavel withstood torture and was misplaced and escaped.Pavel fled to Tonia's house, and Tonia and her brother Artem sent Pavel to the battlefield together.Pavel was extremely brave on the battlefield. Injured his thigh, contracted typhoid fever, and returned to the army without healed.OthersNovelSoviet writer"How the Steel Was Tempered""Born by the Storm"Based on the author’s own experience, through describing the process of the protagonist Pavel Kochagin’s growth from an ordinary worker’s child to a proletarian revolutionary hero, it shows that Russia has started from the First World War, through the October Revolution, and the civil war. A broad picture of the economic recovery period.It praised the revolutionary spirit of the Soviet youth who struggled stubbornly to defend the revolutionary regime and restore the national economy. Author and WorksWonderful PlotThemeOne Sentence Comment
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