My classroom

My classroomLesson Plan ConstructionClassroom ManagementInstruction Delivery StyleBehaviorist approachPossitive classroom managementThere will be no changes since I believe that this method of classroom management is appropriate and work well for my classroom.Gagne's 9 events of instrcution Cognitive approachBehaviorist approachCognitive approachIce breaker activities such as classmate bingo, who's in your circle?, or three thing in common for students to have fun and quick warm up at the beginning of the lesson. Self assessment and Peer assessmentGive feedbeck by teacherPresent the lesson and provide materials of learning or practice worksheet.Recall prior knowledgeInform learning objectivesThere will be no changes since I believe these approaches of instruction is acceptable for my classroom, which includes students with a wide range of learning needs and interests.Plan for assessment and assignments. Assessments will be given weekly to determine student learning and progress. Assignments will be used as a formative assesment to identify areas that need more focus. Plan for homework. Assign students homework that checks for understanding of the daily lessons. Reward students who complete homework and have consequences for those who do not complete the homework. State the learning objective for each lesson. Have clear learning goals for each lesson. Inform the students of SWBAT (Students Will Be Able To) at the beginning of the day. There will be one little change. A contract between the teacher and the students will be created to ensure that students will work on it independently with the support of the teacher in order to receive an award or positive punishment at the end of each ModuleBuild a good relationship and communication with students and parents that encourage critical thinking. Positive relationships will ensure students are comfortable and ready to learn each day. Involving the parents creates a positive three way relationship between student, teacher, and parent. Create classroom agreement with students . Clearly state the terms of the agreement. Be consistent and fair in implementing classroom agreement. Create consequences of agreement are broken by students. Offer opportunities to students who do not meet the contractual agreement.