CHAPTER 3:THE MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENTGoverment Administrative MachineryGovernment Agenciesinstituion and agencyadministrative personnel administrative system and procedureCentralManagingwatchdogTreasurypublic service deprtmenteconomic planing unitMalaysian administration and modernisation planning unitImplementation coordintion unit (ICU)Goverment Accounting MachineryAgencyPersonnelsystem and procedureAccounting Personnelaccountant generalcontrolling officeraccounting officer Surchargefailed to make any payment or delay in the paymentfailed to prepare accounts and recordfailed to collect any monies owing to federal or state govermentimproper payment of public moneys which is not duly voucheddeficiency or destruction of public moneys, stamps,securities,stores or government propertyCHAPTER 5: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTDefinitionTypes of performance measurementPurposesStrategy formulationManage the strategy implementation processCheck positionProvide feedbackevaluate and reward behaviourKey results indicators(KRIs)Performance indicators (PIs)Result indicators (RIs)Key performance indicatorsBalance scorecardConcept of 3 E'SEfficiencyEffectivenessEconomyBarrires perfomance management Vision and strategy not actionable.Strategy not linked to resource allocation.Strategy is not linked to department, team and individual goals.Feedback is tactical and not strategic.CHAPTER 4: GRANTFinancial provision of the federal constituion- Revenue statutory grantcapitation grantstate road grantstate reserve fundrevenue growth grantFinancial provision of the federal constituion - expenditurecontrol and management fundborrowingbudget and financial statementauditor generalfinancial procedure act 1957accounting officerpayment of moneyvirementestimatewrite offGovernment Accounting Standards Process of quantifying the efficiency and effectiveness of action
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