Challenges Faced by Start-ups

Challenges Faced by Start-upsScalingMarketing and SalesCompetitionTime ManagementCustomers TrustCyber SecurityFoundersFinancial ManagementUnrealistic ExpectationsCompetitionHiringSuccess is short-lived and expectations never endStartups tend to face challengesThese are due to when ‘unrealistic expectations’ following success. .The competitive environment keeps the startups on their toes.There is no margin of error available.SalesMarketingWord of mouth is not enough.Organic growth is not enoughMarketing teams are needed.SEOStartups need a lot of leads to keep goingLead generation is slowThere is no margin of error available.The competitive environment keeps the startups on their toes.Startups need to work aggressively to implement a customer-centric philosophyThey are the real force behind a startup’s success.The Customer is the most important.There’s never enough time.There are a countless decisions to be made and only 24 hours in a dayThey will exploit any loophole within a startup system.HackersOpportunistEverywhereThe same people who nurtured their idea from nothing actually may be contributing to its issues.Founders get over confident after their successesMaybe overcofidentSometimes too ambitiousWhen income increases, the expenditures also increase.Small startups find it really hard to properly manage their finances.Startups tend to get stuck in the "startup" phaseGrowth brings its new set of chalengesSelecting a suitable candidate is difficult .There is a huge pool of aspiring individuals available.Hiring new employeesMore need for AdministrationChanging Priorities
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