Customer Connections (CC) Mind Map

Customer Connections (CC)
Plan Procurements
Document project purchasing decisions
Make vs. buy decision
Create statement of work
Specify approach
Identifying Potential Vendors
Establish evaluation criteria
Prepare evaluation forms
Contact vendors
Request vendor references
Control Procurements
Manage procurement relationships
Monitor performance
Make needed changes
Conduct Procurements
Obtain vendor responses
Plan visit to vendor sites
Set up vendor site visits
Select a vendor
Award a contract
Complete reference evaluations forms
Conduct bidders' conference
Receive proposals from vendors
Collect and compile evaluation forms
Meet with evaluation team to plan & discuss vendor visits
Prepare visit agenda
Review visit agenda with evaluation team
Schedule conference calls with vendors to discuss visit agenda
Send visit agenda to vendors
Hold conference calls with vendors regarding visit agenda
Conduct vendor site visits
Analyze proposals
Select vendor finalists
Negotiate contract with selected vendor
Prepare procurement documents
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