Call to Extraordinary Prayer

PRAYER IN ACTS1.WHY ACTS?2.GROUNDED IN THE GOSPEL & GATHERED TO PRAY3.FORTIFIED FOR MISSIONDescribes the acts ofthe risen Lord Jesus 21the Spirit-empowered disciplesthe world-altering WordPrayer is a key themeActs 1:13-14; 2:42Acts 4:21-314.GROWING BOLD5.PRIORITIES: GOD'S OR OURS6.MINISTRY OF WORD & PRAYER7.HALLMARK OF THE REDEEMED8.FOR HEALING9.IN PRAYER FOR ITS LEADERS10.PRAY-ERS ARE PREPARED FOR ANYTHINGActs 16:13,16,25Acts 13:1-3; 14:21-23Acts 9:36-42Acts 9:11Acts 6:4Acts 6:4Acts 4. cf Col 4:5-6Evangelistic Prayer Teams (EPT) 49Devotedprayerteachingbreaking bread'A Call To Extraordinary Prayer' (Steve Nation)Psalm 116:1-2'Some want to live within the sound of chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell' (C.T. Studd) 39'Thou hast given so much to me, Give one more thing, a grateful heart.' (George Herbert)Praycontinuously 63wrestlingjoyfullythankfullyin God's power 65Public 68UP (worship)OUT (mission)IN (edification)'If we have become prayer-less, it will be because the Word of God does not occupy the place it should' (John Woodhouse) 78'the church was earnestly praying for [Peter]' (Acts 12) 79 C.H. Spurgeon approaching the pulpit: 'I believe in the Holy Spirit (3x)' 78Three emphases (David Powlison) 105 - we ask God to:change our circumstanceschange usChange everything by revealing Himself moreMission begins and continues with the church in prayer 97The missionary or pastor unprayed for is a neglected missionary or pastor 102'Acts 9:28 is James 5: 13-16 in action' 89The leaders don't get defensiveThe leaders listenThe leaders shepherd like JesusLuke 5:15-16'All Israel's failures resulted from a failure of leadership. Her leaders lost focus on Yahweh and that affected her every decision.Today's leaders must zealously lead with God's priorities. God will honour such leadership.' (David Cook) 58Ps 13:1-3simul justus et peccator 891 Co 6:111 Ti 1:15'It would be better for a preacher to break his neck while mounting the pulpitif he did not himself intend to be the first to follow God.' (John Calvin) 49Personal (one to one)PrivatefellowshipActs 6:7Result: The word of God spread.
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