How the relationship develop from strangers to lovers

HOW THE RELATIONSHIP DEVELOP FORM STRANGERS TO LOVERS INTRODUCTIONINTERACTIONCONFRONTATIONDISCOVERYFRIENDSHIPINTIMACYMUTUAL FEELINGSCOMMITMENT FATOUS LOVERELATIONSHIPKiana was late for the first day of her class.She was forced to commute since their family driver is not available .The school guard didn't let her enter as dhe doesn't have her ID so she made her own way to enterOn her way to her room,a guy pulled kiana in a dark place.It was zachary who was about to propose a condition.Being his fake girlfriend in exchange of her ID.Kiana then accepted the condition.The two talked about their fake relationship.They talked about what,how and where kiana will do things.They both have agreed in the things they have talked about.Zachary introduced kiana to his family not knowing that kiana is just a fake girlfriend. Kiana was really nervous when they were on their way.It was relieved when she found out that zachary's family is nice.As zachary successfully introduced kiana to his family,They started sharing bonds and gets closer to each other till they formed a friend relationship.As the time passed,they started sharing secrets,silly jokes and support/protect each other when one's in need.This is the point where the two wants a time for each other.Kiana develops a real feelings for zachary but she is scared that zachary doesn't feel the same way.Zachary also feels the same way as kiana.Zachary's cousin visit him from the state and zachary told his cousin,sarah about everything and he also plans to confess to kiana.Unfortunately,while the two is talking,Kiana saw them from a far.She was hurt seeing them.She run away but zachary saw her.Sarah gave an encouraging look to zachary before zachary follows kiana.Kiana found herself sitting in a bench on the garden.She was crying as she was hurt to see the two together.She knew she already love zachary.When zachary reached the garden, he composed himself and looked in kiana's eyes directly.He explains everything and hug her.Zachary finally admitted his feelings towards kiana.He was also in love to her.He then asked kiana if she can be his girlfriend.Kiana agreed and together, they happily watch the fireworks in the sky together while hugging each other.
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