Protect the earth

Protect the EarthSave Energy3RPlantGovernanceWaterFuelElectricityDon't Leave Taps OpenCheck for LeaksAvoid ShowersWoodTake BusOn FootRide BikeTurn off Light before LeavingUse Energy Saving LampUse Solar EnergyUse Marsh GasReduceReuseRecyclePlastic BagsOne-off SuppliesPaper Bags Use Both Sides of PaperPlasticDry WasteDon't cut down the treesPlant trees MoreLegal PunishmentRewardEncouragementRewardNoise PollutionAir PollutionWater PollutionWater and Soil LossDesertificationBe socialPlant treesBuild a fenceRecycle and ReuseNo to plastic bagsUse filters for chimneysWastewater treatmentWater conservationGreen agricultureCrop RotationSoil ConservationWater controlRestricting Mining PracticesPolicy Changes to other Types of Land Use Technology Advances