HAZARD OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATIONHERPHEROHERFDEFINECAUSEEFFECTPREVENTIONDEFINECAUSESusceptible during assembly, disassembly, loading, unloading and handling in RFR electromagnetic fields.EFFECTPREVENTIONDEFINECAUSEEFFECTPREVENTIONThe thermal effect of radiated energy/ waveTissue damage may occur before the heat is dissipatedDuring normal operations, personal can easily avoid most hazards if the hazards are labeled propely.The potential of electro explosive devices (EEDs) to be adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation.Unintentional triggering of EEDsInitiate a program to define an appropiate HERO safety criteria for UXO and all EM emitting devices.The potential of electromagnetic radiation to cause spark ignition of volatile combustibles such as vehicle fuelsDue to possibility of accidentally igniting fuel vapors RF-induced arcs during fuel handling operations in proximity to high level RF fields.The potential dangers to ordinanced fuel are obvious because there could be an explosive "chain reaction" by explodingMinimize the radar cross section (RCS) and infrared (IR) signatures of a naval vessel and therefore provide a level of stealth.The potential of EM radiation to produce harmful biological effects in human.If the substances cannot dissipate the heat as fast as it is produced, internal temperature of body will rise
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