Process in developing a Stirling Engine for small Power Generation

Process in developing a Stirling Engine for small Power Generation IntroductionConcept GenerationConcept Evaluation and SelectionThe Design ProcessProduct DefinitionConcept Generation con'tProduct EvaluationUnderstanding the designMindset (Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset ) ( Understand the issue, Devolop measures, Research for past designs , Generate alternatives ,Evaluate alternatives ,Decide what to do next )Measures of Design Success (Cost ,Quality ,Time to market)Identify the type of Design Problems and study the research designUnderstand the Big 5 Personality FactorsProject DefinitionDiscover design project look for their weaknesses and strengths Choose Design Projects Plan Design Projects (Types of Project Plans, Planning for Deliverables (The Development of Information) ,Building a Plan)Project ManagementIdentify Customers.Generate customers’ requirements.Evaluate competition.Generate engineering specification.Set targets.Conceptual DesignGenerate conceptsEvaluate conceptsChoose conceptsUnderstanding the function of existing devices.A technique for designing with function.Basic methods of generating concepts.Patents as a source of ideas.Using contradictions to generate ideas.Generate ideas.Product design structure matrix (DSM).Decompose the function.Develop concepts for each function.Combine concepts.Itemize the functions.Build function DSM.Develop dependencies.Reorder the DSM.Create prototypes and generate data on performance Design for Cost (DFC)Design for manufacture (DFM)Design for assembly (DFA)Design for reliability (DFR)Design for test and maintenanceDesign for sustainabilityMonitoring functional changeGoals of performance evaluationTrade-off managementAccuracy, variation, and noiseFactor of safety as a design variableModeling for performance evaluationTolerance analysisRobust design Make a document on the designs and evaluate. Design evaluation cycles (Design Build Test)Product GenerationBill Of Materials (BOM)DECIDING WHO IS GOING TO MAKE ITBasic elements of product designProduce
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