Solutions Engineering

Solutions EngineeringProblemsLack of clear and cohesive strategy to manage Field office technologiesPhysical endpoint device management for Field and Home Office results in high TCONew products and solutions are often not aligned to a broader strategy which results in logs of activity from technology teams that don't translate to measurable and meaningful customer experience improvementsTechnology is managed in silos and lacks coordination across the broader DW organizationField users regularly complain about physical endpoint performance issues.The security vulnerabilities and data loss concerns inherent with the use of highly distributed laptop devicesCausesField has sought to drive technology solution decisions and implementation due to perceived historical ineffectiveness from IT org.Process to purchase, build, and patch physical devices is expensive and inefficient. Break/fix support requires onsite technical personnel when remote connectivity/management is not possible. Continous patching and updates of physical endpoint devices will inevitably lead to performance degradation and potential outages.Endpoint refresh dependency can result in vulnerability to supply chain issues.The risk of locally stored confidential data loss is exacerbated by the portability of laptops which can be stolen or lost during transit. Too much focus on incremental improvement of existing processes rather than reimagining customer experience through radical transformationEvidenceOrganizational ObjectiveTo realize the value proposition of 'making it ridiculously easy for customers to do their best work' by defining and implementing a customer-centric strategy focused on delivering a reimagined customer experience across Contact Center,Workspace Experience, Meeting Experience, and Field Experience and Collaboration Technology Solutions towers.SolutionsNear-term focusDefine and manage relationship between DW and EA organizations.Long-term focusProvide guidance for innovation/POC efforts within DW.Examine prevalent technology and process gaps within DW and develop short-tern strategies for improvement.Implement Integration Team to provide support for cross-functional develoopment and product integration efforts.
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