Eight Stages of Erik Erikson

Gerund (V-ing)As a noun (subject or object of a verb)After a preposition or verb + prepositionAfter certain verbs (as their object): admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, delay, deny, discuss, dislike,...After verbs or expressions with to: be/get accustomed to, be/get used to, in addition to, lookforward to, object to, take to,...After certain expressions: as well as, be in favor of, can't stand/help, feel like, have difficulty(in), how about, It's no good/ use, it's worth, there's no chance of, there's no point in,After the verbs need, want, require, etc. with a passive meaningAfter the verbs: catch/ find/ leave + object + V-ingAfter the verb go, indicating physical activities.Eg: Playing sports is the best way to stay healthyEg: She is interested in studying abroadEg: He enjoys driving big carsEg: She is objected to use smart phones in her house Eg: It’s no good trying to change his mind.Eg: Those flowers need to be watered. Eg: I found he stealing some money from the supermarketEg: I am planning to go fishing this weekend. Be busy + V-ingSpend/ waste + expression of money/ time + V-ingEg: I spend 1 hour studying English a day.
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