GATHERING PERFORMANCE INFORMATIONAppraisal forms are the key instruments used to measure performance. Care and attention are required to ensure that the forms include all the necessary components.Most forms include a combination of the following:Basic employee informationaccountabilities, objectives, and standardsCompetencies and indicators major achievements and contributionsdevelopmental achievements developmental needs, plans, and goalsstakeholder inputemployee commentssignatures. The specific components included in the appraisal form, characteristic aprraisal formSimplicityrelevancydescriptivenessComprehensivenesscommunication time orientation. Administrative purposes, desirable to compute an employee’s overall performance score. Two approaches are available: judgmental and mechanical. Performance management systems can include up to six separate formal meetings between the supervisor and the subordinate:system inauguration self-appraisalclassical performance review merit/salary reviewdevelopment plan objective setting.Informal meetings involving a discussion of performance issues should take place on an ongoing basis. Several sources can be used to obtain performance information: supervisors, peers, subordinates, self, and customers. When multiple sources of performance information are used, there may be disagreements about an employee’s performance level, even if these multiple sources are rating the same performance dimension. In providing performance information, raters may make intentional errors. These errors may involve inflating or deflating performance scores. In addition to intentional errors, raters may make unintentional errors in providing performance ratings. Floating Topic
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