12 steps to plan your best year yet

7. Set Yearly Goals
12. Make a Bucket List
6. Let Fear Guide You
5. Find Your Ikigai ‘Sweetspot’
4. Create a Vision Board
3. Define Who You Are
10. Break Down Your Goals
11. Review Your Goals
2. Let Things Go
1.Reflect on The Past Year
8. Upgrade Your Habits
9. Start Using a Planner
To make a solid plan for a successful new year,
you must know your starting point. Take a moment
to reflect on the past year to know where you
currently are in your life.
The second step is to let things go, both
physically and emotionally. Take time to
declutter your room and get rid of anything
that you do not use or do not spark joy.
To know what kind of goals you want
to set, you need to define who you are.
Knowing who you are as a person helps
you set goals that are right for you and
lead to your definition of success.
Bring out the artist in you by creating a beautiful
vision board for next year. Not only are they visually
pleasing, vision boards help attract what you
want into your life.
Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means
‘a reason for being.’ This balance is found
at the center where your passions and talents
intersect with the things that the world needs
and is willing to pay for.
To build up your self-confidence, you will
have to make fear your north star and
let it guide you.
Now that you have your theme and vision
board. It’s time to gain clarity by listing out
the big-ticket items you want to accomplish
for the next year.
Habits are the small decisions you make
and the actions you perform every day.
What you repeatedly do ultimately form
the person you are, the things you believe,
and the personality that you portray.
Do you use a planner? If not, you really
should start using one for the new year.
A planner is a fantastic tool to organize your tasks,
events, and thoughts so you know exactly what to
do every day to achieve those goals you set earlier.
Remember those big, annual goals you set
earlier? They might look intimidating at first,
so let’s break those down into specific, achievable
Schedule monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews
to assess your progress and check if you need to
adjust any of the goals you set at the beginning
of the year.
One of the things I look forward to the most
when planning for the next year is making
my bucket list. Your bucket list is a list of items
that you want to do in the next year simple for
your pleasure and fun.
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