30-Day Comfort Zone Challenge

30-Day Comfort Zone Challenge
Day 1: Don't use your phone for a day
Day 2: Get yourself a piece of clothing you would never go for and wear it for a full day.
Day 3: Take a cold (like, really cold) shower in the morning.
Day 4: Communicate your feelings with someone you aren't used to doing that.
Day 5: Publish something online. It could be your thoughts on a sensitive subject or a quote that challenges others' opinions on a sensitive subject.
Day 6: Start the day by sending five gratitude messages to five people.
Day 7: Pay someone else's shopping in the grocery shop. (Alternatively, leave extra money from your bill to cover part of the shopping of the person behind you)
Day 8: Sit for an hour doing absolutely NOTHING. It’s not even meditation. Just stay and do nothing. It’s harder than you think.
Day 9: Hold the hands of someone you love for full 15 minutes and look them in the eyes.
Day 10: Do a Live video on social media (or at least a no-filter video).
Day 11: Learn a 1-minute dance and make a video of yourself dancing it.
Day 12: Do any type of exercise you’ve never done before. For example, if you’ve never tried yoga, Zumba, weightlifting, or anything similar, do it today.
Day 13: Quit coffee for a day.
Day 14: Ask for something you know the answer will be no. For example, ask for a free coffee, clothing, ticket for a bus, and so on.
Day 15: Answer questions on Quora or Reddit. Be of help to someone.
Day 16: If you usually wear makeup every day, today is your no-makeup day. Daily cream is allowed.
Day 17: Wake up extremely early. Like, 4 a.m.
Day 18: Post your artwork on social media. Don’t have any? Create it today.
Day 19: Buy a plant and plant it somewhere public (make sure it’s allowed). Examples: in the park, next to other flowers on the sidewalk, in a public garden, and so on.
Day 20: Read 100 pages of a book somewhere crowdy, in public.
Day 21: Sign up for a workshop on a subject you know nothing of.
Day 22: Go to sleep two hours earlier than usual.
Day 23: Don’t use electricity for half a day (or a full day).
Day 24: Write a love letter to someone and actually send it to them. Yes, it could be to your husband/wife.
Day 25: Go on a picnic in the park alone.
Day 26: While staying in your car, at a traffic light (NOT while you’re driving), turn up the music and dance like crazy.
Day 27: Re-connect with an old friend.
Day 28: Say Yes to everything today.
Day 29: Go out for a coffee (or a walk in the park) with someone you’ve never been alone with (examples: a colleague, a family member).
Day 30: Start a new 7-day challenge of no TV (like, at all).
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