energy concept map example 2

illustrated by energy
conversion example
measured in
energy concept map
governed by
Law of conservation
states that
Energy cannot be created or destroyed
it can only be converted from one form to another
A dilver leaps off the board which is a certain height
above the swimming pool .
Assume negligible air resistance.when the deliver is in the mid -air
the energy conversion involved is
Initial P.E = P.E in mid air + K.E in mid air
a mathematical example
A 60 kg dilver at an initial height of 5m leaps off the board
to fall freely into the water. when he reaches a height of 1m above the water
calculate his velocity.assume negligible air resistance.
initial P.E = P.E at 1m +K.E at 1m
(60)*(10)*(5)= (60*10*1)+(1/2*60*v*v)
Therefore, V = (8.94) m/s
A swimming Pendulum
assume negligible air reisitance
when the pendulum is at the lowest point
the energy conversion involved is
P.E at the starting point = P.E at lowest point + K.E at lowest point
different types
potential energy
Chemical potential energy
potential energy
Energy an object has when
it is streched or compress
energy stored in fuel
released through chemical process
Heat energy
Sound energy
Light energy
Energy that flow from a refgion
of higher to lower temprature
Energy that enable us to see
energy produced when
object vibrate
Joules (J)
is calculated using
can be illustrated by
Energy an object has because of its position
Mass (kg)* Gravitation Force (N) * Height (m)
A 60kg man standing at the edge of a
20m high cliff will have a potential energy of
60 * 10 * 20 = 12000 J
Kinetic Energy
Electrical Energy
is calculated using
can be illustrated by
A 60kg man running at a speed of
10 m/s will have a kinetic energy of
1/2 * 60 * 10 * 10 = 3000 J
1/2 * mass (kg) * Velocity (m/s) *Velocity (m/s)
Energy a body has due to its motion
is calculated using
Energy that result from the flow of charged particle (electron)
Power (W) * Time (s)
can be illustrated by
A 70 watt fan is turned on for 1 minute will consume an electrical energy of
70*60=4200 J
210 1 1