roles and responsibilities example 2

Dog Sitting
Job Description
Job duties
The dog sitter's job description is to ensure that all of the dogs at the facility are acting appropriately. Throughout their shift, they will interact with the dogs and conduct simple dog training. The dog handler is also responsible for cleaning up any doggy messes and keeping the play yard tidy. They are in charge of carrying the dogs into and out of the cages, as well as feeding, watering, and providing any required medication to the dogs.
Keeping an eye on the well-being and conduct of dogs.
Taking care of any trash made by the dogs.
Dogs are transported into and out of their cages.
Providing food, water, and any necessary medications to the dogs.
Checking pets in at the front desk on occasion.
16 years old or older
A passion for all breeds of dogs
Patience when it comes to dog behavior
Organizational skills and a basic understanding of dog training
Lifting capacity of up to 50 pounds
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