Interview Feedback Project manager example 1

Interview Feedback: Project manager
her interviewer's feedback
SEO project manager
large digital marketing firm
She has years of experience in digital marketing and management, but was a bit nervous about her interviewer.
technical skills
Megan displayed expert knowledge in digital marketing, SEO strategy and SEO project management. Her previous roles demonstrate these technical skills and several soft skills I believe fit the position, such as patience, determination and good interpersonal skills. Megan also has multiple SEO strategy certifications and a bachelor's degree in digital marketing.
I believe Megan is a fantastic candidate for the role of SEO project manager in our company. She possesses the necessary technical skills and knowledge, and shows a commitment to continued learning that aligns perfectly with our company values.
Megan's interview started off slow, as she seemed reserved about her work history and skills. However, as the interview progressed, Megan began to speak more openly and became comfortable with the environment. This is how I learned that Megan has all the right qualifications for the position, including additional experience in management and project management.
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