Guava Juice Concentrate Production Flowchart

Unsuitable fruits were eliminated and transported to mill feeder, where they are pelleted for making animal feed. This can be a source for a side income.Fruit unsuitable for juice-making. They are trasported to mill feedFormation of concentrateMaking Guava Juice ConcentrateGrading 1Storage binWasherGrading 2 Juice extractorPasteurisationFreeze concentrationFrozen storage tankFruit unloadingYesNoThe fruits are grinded and the juice are extractedPackagingThe juice were poured into airtight packaging Heat treatment of the juice was done to prevent microbial contaminationNoYesThe suitable fruits are washed to eliminate debris and dirts from transport and growthIn this process, water freezes first, forming ice crystals in the mixturePrior to completing of freezing the unfrozen component of the mixture are extractedCentrifugationContinuing the freeze concentration, the slush extracted were contrifugated through fine mesh screen.The remaining frozen water are extracted from a fine-mesh screen and discardedThe raw materials were stored here if they are not to be used immediately The concentrated product are stored in a very cold temperature, around -18 degree celcius or lower in their packaged form
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