Health Related English Vocab learning

backache/ˈbæk.eɪk/ (đau lưng)
stomachache/ˈstʌm.ək.eɪk/ (đau bụng)
allergy /ˈæl.ə.dʒi/ (dị ứng)
Tired /taɪəd/ (mệt mỏi)
Stress /stres/ (áp lực)
Insomnia /ɪnˈsɒə/ (mất ngủ)
Ache /eɪk/ (nhức nhối)
Diseases /dɪˈziːz/ (bệnh tật)
headache/ˈhed.eɪk/ (đau đầu)
dizzy/ˈdɪz.i/ (chóng mặt)
A psychiatric study of patients with supposed food allergy.
Chickenpox is a very common disease among children.
My arms ache from carrying this bag.
Side-effects include livedo reticularis, insomnia and confusion in elderly patients.
She seems to thrive on stress.
My legs were tired after so much walking.
Sub Topic
We may feel ill when we have a stomachache.
I keep having/getting dizzy spells.
He's got a headache and a slight fever.
They get toothache and backache just like us