The Electromagnetic Spectrum example-01

The Electromagnetic
Infa-red Radiation
Visible Light
Radio Waves
What does infra-red mean?
What are they used in?
What are they used for?
What other thing in life can they be used for?
What systems are the waves produced by?
What are Microwave?
What are they produced by?
What are they used for?
What are they used to do in our daily lives?
Can it be seen?
What are visible light?
This is the only part of the
electromagnetic spectrum
that can be seen with our eyes.
Examples of visible light is
the colour of the rainbow, which
consists of the following colors:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo and violet.
examples of things that have gamma rays:
Nuclear power plants.
Big particle accelerators
Uses of X-rays?
They are used by doctors and dentists
for checking of broken bones, cracked
bones or fractured bones and dental
inspection respectively.
Ultra-Violet Rays
Are these harmful?
What are they used for?
Yes, they are emmitted by the sun
and it is the Ultra-Violet rays that causes
sunborns on our skin.
They are used to detect counterfeit
money and are used in sunbecls.
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