A Plan to Curb Greenhouse Gases

A Plan to Curb Greenhouse Gases DefinitionCausesConsequencesThermal RadiationGreenhouse effectCO2Greenhouse gasesThe Kyoto ProtocolThe heat transfer from one place to another without intervening mediumThe heat is trapped close to the Earth's surface by the "greenhouse gases"From the burning or fossil fuelsCause of global warmingTrap the heat in the atmosphere and warm the EarthMaking sea level higherWidening the desertsDrying up the fresh water sourcesat United Nation summit in Kyoto, Japan, 1997limit and reduce emissions to at least 5%signed by 38 countriesstill being approved by many countriesnot completely ratified the representatives of the UK disagreed2003, Russia said it needed to further study before signingUS signed but didn't send to the senateAustralia rejected
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