Reduce time of devices grading process in warehouse

Reduce time of devices grading process in warehouse
Luck of staff
Courier issues & delays
Technical issues
Financial reconciliation
Manual processes
Quality control
High cost of hiring
Inconsistency of stock makes them overloaded
Training of additional staff takes time
System is outdated and down 2-3 times a month
Slow internet in warehouse
System is not linked to Finance
Manual entry of all details
Manual labeling of devices
Complicated reporting structure
Manual count of devices
Training system is not stable
Delay in Finance responses
Typo mistakes causing mismatching
Fixed period of delivery
Manual check of shipped devices
Advance planning of pick-ups
Only 2 dedicated Employees
Fixed assets not controlled
Slow maschines
Introduce QR code system
Bring it to 2 working days max
Re-negotiate T&C with courier company
QR code device for couriers
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