MUGHAL EMPIREBABURHUMAYUNAKBARJAHANGIRSHAH JAHANAURANGAZEBEMPEROR(1526-30) came from Uzbekistanfounded the Mughal dynasty in northern Indiaruled over now known Afganistan, Pakistan,Indiawent to exile in Persiaancestor of Gengish Khancame back and defeated Suri dynastymarried PersianBairam Khan expended territory in the name of young emeprorbrought unified religional peacemarried hindu Rajputwas a progressive ruler died accidentallydidnt have any stability in rulingaddicted to opiumislamistlost some territory1556-1605 reign1605-1627 reignrebelled against his father and had his 2 eldest sons be hostagesmarried Mumtaz at a young agewasnt good in poliiticshad Dara and Aurengzeb handle territorial warfarelost territory preferred peace dealshe had 14 childrenrumoured to be incestmarried 4 timesSubtopicdefeated Dara and kept ShahJahan illcontroversial rulerauthorized Sharia lawdestroyed and built tamples?opposed biogetriexecuted shikh gurusextended territoryimported 40% Dutch importsmade it richer than western Europemarried Hinduwas 1/4 of global GDP1627-16581658-1707afterwards 13 more emperorsbuilt Taj Mahalwife built Humayuns TombBahadur Shah ZafarFollowing his involvement in the Indian Mutiny of 1857, Because of Zafar's neutral views on religions, many Indian kings and regiments accepted and declared him as the Emperor of IndiaBritish exiled him to Rangoon in British-controlled Burma, after convicting him on several charges by William Hudtson.
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