American Dream

The American DreamImages of the ADequalityimmigrationlibertyfortuneindependenceindividualismprogresspoliticskey expressionsindividualismThe puritansUncle SamMartin Luther King, Civil Rights MovementNative Americans, White Americans were "immigrants"route 66moon landing4th of JulyMarilyn Monroetwin towersAbraham Lincoln law against slaverypopular nickname for the American government/people->employed during war in 1812, lost its negative connotation, bearded man in stars and stripesEllis IslandManifest Destiny 4th of JulyNew CanaanFrontierPros of the Amercian DreamAmerican system of governmentAmerica and the pandemic"What America means to me"Man on the moonThe stars and stripesMelting potMulticulturalismcentral concept in the way Americans see themselves->self-reliance,responsibilityreligious movement in16th/17th century of English Protestantism->wanted to clean the chuch from Papism, read the Bible literally,shaped aspects of American cicil religionlocated in NYC,was headquarter of US-immigration authority, 20 million immigrants entered here, is a museum todaybelief that it is Americas mission to democratize the world, used to justify terretorial expansion as well as imperialism->USA as "global mediator" grew from thisDecleration of independence was passed by Congress and adapted on July 4,1776, the celebration turned into popular spectacle and remains important holidayreligious term in the Old Testament, hope that Ameica was "promised land"term which referred to the line of settlement-of civilization- moving westward->is related to Manifest Destiny, myth is still kept alive in American culturename given to American flag->stars/stripes represent founding states,white for purity, red for endurance and bravery,blue for justice, 50 starscommon expression/metaphor to describe USA,individuals of all nations are melted into a new race(Afrikans and Native Americans were still excluded)term became popular when gays, feminists and PoCs asked for equality, two competing conceps->assimilation and pluralism(more rights but also fragmentation)Neil Armstrong was the Americnan first man on the moon-> Americans are really proud of this accomplishment, thus there ae still myths about it, just like people say that the American Dream is a myth toostudents in the USA are encouraged to enter essay competitions in which they write about what America means to them thesis of a winning essay:People in America have rights only dreamed of by others, tremendous military strength, vast technology, high standard of living,diversity, freedom of religion/speech, democracy,justice system, first amedment of constitutionFounding Fathers were themselves dreamers->believed that it was possible to run a country on the principles of personal liberty,self-governance and individual rightsDecleration of Independence 1776"all men are created equal"US-constitution 1787->established government with 3 independent branches to prevent any branch of becoming too powerfulBill of rights 1791->to ensure the individual rights and freedoms of Americans by limiting powers of government(e.g. establish new religion)(did not always apply for everyone), still discrimination Donald Trumps politics and ignorance of the corona virus caused a lot of damage and the USA is suffering more than other countries on the effects of corona Americans and others around the world lose faith and this is going to effect the upcoming election and future of Americaworld watches and loses faith in "superpower"Who are Trump voters?mostly white-working class Americans (especially men)becaus ehe talks about things that concern them, like bringing back jobs to people who are worried, immigrants are blamedHow much do US election campaigns cost?Trump and Clinton: up to 250 million from donations, banks, raised by eventsspend on baloons, race to the white house, advertising on TV, ads in newspapersGermany in contrast is much more subtile and not that expensiveUS election-repulicans and democrats -every 4 years -voters that are above 18 and Americans -swing states(florida) -1.primaies 2.election campaign -Congress anounces president Super PAC´S: political action committees, can support political parties financially the religious aspect of the American Dreamfundamentalism: believes in everything god says(word by word)dangers: encourages distrust of science and logic: shows in high school students it basically leads to lack of educationspeeches Ronald Reagan:let us renew the compact, speaks about aspects of the AD, religion, settlers, founding fathers, pride, freedom,taking care of needy, values american spiritDonald Trrump:presidental announcement speech: current situation of USA and ideas egarding leadershipThe American Nightmare?Hillary Clinton:Nomination acceptance speechhigh quality shools are expensive, no health careHow the world sees Americacomplain aout not being loved by some people, but dont accept anything thats not americanAmerica has great work oppurtunities, fim industyamalgamation of every culture in the worldgives people false hopesthousands who do not succeed go unnoticed statistics show that americas social mobility is actually lower than europesrich become richer, poor stay poorethnic minorities have a lower incomeAD for whites only?gives hope and will to liveeuality of oppurtunitiessocial background doesnt matter=social mobilityis the ideal to encourage peoplechildren will do better than parentsGun contol1st and 2nd amendment allow freedom of religion and speech but also make it easier to have access to gunsAmerica is the country with the most school shootings "to the security of free state" = no trust in governmentFreedom of speech/Norman Rockwellright that applies to every humanpainting shows need of classless society more criminality, accidental deaths
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