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Calculate herescan hereWeight Management in Seven Steps1.Know yourself1.1.Your current weight = ____________Kg1.3.Your current Body mass index (BMI)(Calculate using the provided link) = _______Kg/M21.4.Ideal body weight (IBW) =___________1.5.Adjusted ideal body weight (AIBW)(is your 2 years target body weight) __________Kg2.Create a weight plan2.1.Get a weight scale2.3.Set a 2-years-target weight (usually, your AIBW above)2.4.Set monthly weight loss target (from current weight to AIBW)2.2.Check your weight 2x weekly2.5.Try never to gain more weight at any time5.Schedule your sleep5.1.Early to bed - about 9pm5.2.Early to rise - about 6am3.Manage your eating3.3.1.Eat smaller portions3.1.1.Early breakfast, before 7am3.1.2.Early dinner, before 9pm4.Regular Exercise4.1.at least, 30 minutes per day4.2.6 days a week4.3.Recommended exercises4.3.1.Running4.3.2.Jugging4.3.3.Swimming6.2.Regular clinic visits as advised7.Avoid these things7.1.Avoid completely7.1.1.Coffee7.1.3.Smoking7.1.5.Worries/Anxiety/Anger7.1.6.Sugar/cool drinks7.1.8.Weight loss medicine/drugs7.2.Reduce these7.2.1.Salt7.2.2.Fat, oil, butter6.Do more of this6.1.Drink more water (3-4 liters per day)6.4.Eat more vegetables, fruits, and nuts6.5.Ask your doctor/nurse about weight managements7.1.4.Fast foods6.3.Prepare your own food3.2.2.Eat home prepare food3.2.1.Avoid fast foods5.3.Mininmum of 7 hours per night5.4.Remember to pay your sleep debts7.1.2.Thirst/dehydration7.1.7.Big dishes/plates3.3.2.Fast regularly if you canCALCULATORSBMIThe measure of fatness. Not applicable in pregnancy.t.ly/QWBQIBW & AIBWThe measure of the best weight for one's age and gender.t.ly/px7UHave questions/contributions?Use link/barcode to join WeightWise forum on WhatsApp.is.gd/pts2U7For all official communications, mail HealthWiseKitz@gmail.comWeight mangement is everybody's bussiness. Causes and consequencies of abnormal weight are divers and, they get worse as we grow older. The most common are heredity, nutrition, lack of exercise and acquired diseases.4.3.4.Rope skippingObesity is a multifactorial problem. In other words, many factors (not only overeating are responsible). It therefore not logical to try to solve it by just reducing one's food intake.Sub Just like hypertention and cancer, obesity ia a real disease. It is sad that many have accepted it a something to live with rather than control.7.2.3.Device (TV, smart phones) use.1.2.Your current height____________cmTo use the tools below, type in the link or scan the barcode with you phone camera. (Internet connection required)3.1.Timing3.2.Sources3.3.Quantity3.4.Quality3.4.1.More plants (leaves, seeds/nuts, fruits3.4.2.Less meat/chicken, more fish3.4.3.Less fat/oil, starch3.4.4.Less processing/treatments/preservativesWeight Classifications- Body Mass Index -Weight/Height² (Kg/M²) UnderweightBMI <18Worrisome!Normal WeightBMI 18-25GoodOverweightBMI 25 - 29.9Caution!Obesity class 1BMI 30 - 39.9Not goodObesity class 3BMI 50 & aboveNeeds help!Not health, probaly sick, needs to gain some weight!Ideal, may get worse with age, illness or malnutritionThe begining of trouble, may get worse if neglectedUnhealthy, would develop many help problems if not alreadyIn and out of hospitals due to many health conditionsJoin Via WhatsAppto post questions and share ideas with othersis.gd/pts2U7Obesity class 2BMI 40 - 49.9Alarming!Many health problems, need ugent intervention.Lifestyle modification and behavioural therapyare the first and the most important approach to treating most chronic disease.This is all about changing your behaviour for a benefit. GUIDESDisclaimerThe tips and here are not meant to replace advises from a qualified healthcare professional. User's discresion is required.HealthWiseis a social media forum aimed at helping you with relevance health tips that we gathered over many years as healtcare practitioners. Our posts may contain adverts beneficial and affliated products and servises for sales and profits when available.Start HereLean moreonWhatsApp©️ CareTell Canada - Jan2022.Be free to share as it is.A printable interractive guide to weight management through multifocal and longterm lifestyle modification. V1.0
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