Public Facilities (Notes)

Public Facilities
The government's role
To collect taxes and use then for such (public facilities) programs.
In search of alternatives
Public facilities
Water as a part of fundamental right of life
Water and the people of Chennai. Is it available to all?
To take care of people's basic needs.
To ensure that facilities are made available to everyone.
Cost in pumping water.
Carring long distances.
Laying down pipes.
Treading waste water.
Treating water.
Right to water health, education etc., is a part of Right to Life.
Government must ensure adequate public facilities for everyone.
Acute water shortage in summer.
Shortage of water is taken as failure of government.
Some people argue that private companies should take over the task task of water supply.
Water and the people of Chennai
Essential for life and good health.
India has one of the largest number of cases of water borne diseases.
Under Article 21, Right to Water is a part of life.
Right to safe drinking water is a Fundamental Right.
Inadequate water supply.
Burden of shortfalls in water falls on the poor.
Municipal supply meets only about half the need.
Adequate water supply in posh areas.
Inadequate water supply in other areas.
Water is available in different quanta to different people.
Public transport
Schools and colleges
Benefits can be shared by many people
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