LEADERSHIP Leadership Challenges / Styles in a PandemicLeadership in the Technology Sector Regenerative LeadershipContemporary LeadershipCreation of a collaborative work environment that engages employees (Transactional) (Gordon 2021) Sustainable Leadership Emotional Intelligence Creation of a low stress work environment (Centre for Creative Leadership 2020) Traditional Leadership Challenges Decision making in times of uncertainty (D'Auria, G. & De Smet, A. 2020)Displaying empathy (D'Auria, G. & De Smet, A. 2020)Communicating effectively (D'Auria, G. & De Smet, A. 2020)Workplace morale (Galvin, J. 2020) Workspace Concerns (Galvin, J. 2020) Styles Transformational approach (Lopez 2020) Embracing technology (Pwc Malta (n.d.)A strategic approach to accomplishing goals (Hosking, R. 2021)Improve communication skills (Pwc Malta (n.d.)Employee montorship and investing in your employees (Milligan 2021)Strategist, throught the development of long term goals (Forbes Technology Council 2016) Give back to the community Invest in your employees Organisations viewed as living system (Trapp 2020) Embracing changes via technology (Trapp 2020) Practice of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) (Minney 2020)Diversification, adapting and evolving (Trapp 2020) Servant leader and promoting ecological development (Minney 2020) Mobilising on corporate social responsibility (CSR) (Reynolds 2016) Lead by example ( Way 2021) Global thinking (Taylor 2020) Set ethical guidelines and adhere to set standards (Reynolds 2016) Authentic (Principles of Management 2015) Servant leadership ( Gordon 2021) Top down approach/military like ( Burley 2017) Entitled attitude (Heise 2019) Not recommeded Highly recommeded in a post pandemic era, to encourage sustainability and well definded ESG conformity.
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