Three Key Embedded System Technologies

Three Key Embedded System TechnologiesProcessor TechnologyIC TechnologyDesign TechnologyGeneral Purpose ProcessorApplication Specific ProcessorSingle Purpose ProcessorProgramable device used in variety of applicationsProgramable processor optimized for a particular class of applicationDigital circuit designed to execute exactly one programFull Custom/VLSISemi-Custom ASICPLDAll layers are optimized for an embedded system’s particular digital implementationPlacing TransistorSizing TransistorsRouting wireDesigners are left with routing of wires and maybe placing some blocksAll layers already existDesigners can purchase an ICConnections on the IC are either created or destroyed to implement desired functionalityField-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) very popularMoor's LawThe most important trend in embedded systems Predicted in 1965 by Intel co-founder Gordon MooreIC transistor capacity has doubled roughly every 18 months for the past several decadesThe manner in which we convert our concept of desired system functionality into an implementationDesign productivity exponential increaseThe co-design ladderIndependence of processor and IC technologiesDesign productivity gapThe mythical man-month
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