Tree Map Of Purpose Driven Life Day 18

Day 18: Experiencing Life TogetherTeachings/Quotes/IdeasLearningsI Willfor Selffor Churchfor Selffor ChurchLife is meant to be sharedReal fellowship is so much more than showing up at servicesit is EXPERIENCING LIFE TOGETHERWhen it comes to Fellowship - Size does matterSmall is betterIn small groups all are active participantsJesus could have chosen more than 12 disciplesSmall groups/Cell groups of about 12 people are a must for effective fellowshipIncredible promise about small groupsWhen two or three are gathered in My Name I am there in their midstReal Fellowship vs Fake FellowshipReal FellowshipWhere People Experience AuthencityPeople share who they really areHonestyabout what's happening in their liveshurtsreveal their feelingsstrenghtsacknowledge weaknessesask for help and prayerHumilityno pretendingno superficial politenessno guards upno acting as if everything is rosy in their livesEncourage Authencity in FellowshipShow unselfish loveAccept everyone as they areExpress genuine feelings with members of Church familyNot pretendThe world thinks intimacy happens in the Darkbut GOD says it happens in the lightDarkness is used to hideour hurtsfaultsfearsfailuresflawsBut in the light we bring them out into the open and admit who we really areWe only grow by taking risksand the most difficult risk of all is to be honest with ourselves and with othersHe knew about 12 is a good number for everyone to participatePeople Experience MutualityMutuality - the art of giving and receivingPeople Experience SympathyMutual EncouragementMutual AccountabilityMutual ServingMutual HonoringUnderstanding and affirming someones feelingsthe problemhurry to fix thingsor we are preoccupied with our own hurtsself pity dries up sympathy for otherslevels of fellowship1fellowship of sharingfellowship of studying God's word together2fellowship of servingminister together on mission trips/mercy projects3fellowship of sufferingPeople Experience MercyFellowship happens when MERCY WINS OVER JUSTICERemember you'll never be asked to forgive someone more than God has already forgiven youForgiveness vs TrustForgiveness is letting go off the pastTrust has to do with future behaviorWhen someone hurts you repeatedlyyou are commanded by God to forgive them immediatelybut you are not expected to trust them immediatelyTrust must be rebuilt overtimeyou are not expected to continue allowing them to hurt yoube authentic and honest with my Spiritual familyforgive immediatelyEncourage authenticity in fellowshipwork towards creating an atmoshphere where people are able to express themselves freelypeople feel belonged and at homehave moments where we experience true fellowshipFellowship is not just attending Church serviceit is experiencing life togethersharing and studying the word togethergoing out as a family on mission tripsLet Mercy win over Justice