Concept Map Of Java

JavaIntroductionEvent HandlingJava Database Connectivity (JDBC)InheritanceMulti-threaded ProgrammingException HandlingPackages and InterfacesI/OGenericsCollectionsJava and Java Applications, Features, Bytecode and Interpretation, JDK, JVM; Object-Oriented Programming, Simple Programs; Data Types, Variables, Arrays and Type Conversions; Operators and Expressions; Control Statements: Selection Statements, Iteration Statements and Jump Statements.Classes and Objects: Classes in Java, Declaring a Class, Creating Instances of Class, Members of a ClassMethod Overloading; Different Types of Constructors, Inner Class; Uses of this Keyword;Garbage Collection; Recursion; Access Control; Static Members.Introduction; Method Overriding and Dynamic Method Dispatch; Uses of super and final Keywords; Command Line Arguments; Varargs; Enumerations;Exception Handling in Java.Basics, Console I/O, Reading and Writing Files;Overview, Examples, Multiple Generic Parameters, Bounds, Wildcards,Generic Methods, Interfaces and Classes.Overview, Interfaces, Classes – Array List, Linked List, Hash Set andMap. Applets: What are Applets? The Applet Class; The Applet and HTML; LifeCycle of an Applet; The Graphics Class; Painting the Applet; User Interfaces forApplet; Adding Components to user interface; AWT Controls.Introduction; Creating Threads: Extending Threads;Implementing Runnable; Synchronization, Priorities, Inter-Thread Communication,Thread States and Methods on Thread ObjectsTwo Event Handling Mechanisms; The Delegation Event Model;Event Classes; Sources of Events; Event Listener Interfaces; Using the DelegationEvent Model; Adapter Classes; Inner ClassesThe Concept of JDBC; JDBC Driver Types;JDBC Packages; A Brief Overview of the JDBC Process; Database Connection;Statement Objects; Result Set; Transaction Processing; Metadata, Data Types;Exceptions.UNIT 2UNIT 1UNIT 3NetworkingJava BeansServletsJava Server Pages (JSP)Basics, Useful Classes and Interfaces, Inet Address, Sockets, URI, URL,URL Connection, Http URL Connection, Datagrams.Introduction, Advantages, Introspection, Bound and ConstrainedProperties, Persistence, Customizers, Java Beans API.Background, Life Cycle, Development Options, Tomcat, Example, ServletAPI, Reading Parameters, javax. servlet. http Package, Handling HTTP Requests andResponses, Using Cookies, Session Tracking.JSP; JSP Tags; Tomcat; Request String; User Sessions;Cookies; Session Objects.Unit 4UNIT 5
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