Social System Models Of School

Social system models for schools
feedback loops
Technical core: teaching and learning
Monitors behavior
Arranged by hierarchy
Formal organization
Set goals and role expectations
Distributes task to specialized individuals
Formed by values, norms and beliefs
Shared orientation or identity as an organization
Set of initiatives done by the facilitators
Organization is a result of division of labor
Instructional methods
Curriculum Quality
Learning time
Outside the organization
Source of inputs
Can affect the transformation process
ex. environmental factor like covid-19 altered our education system
Key unit of social system
Individual needs and expectations are flexible
School culture
Adaptable to formal roles
Emerge from authority and power in organization.
Forces schools to be responsible to its environment
Formal power originates from the structural system
Informal power originates from cultural system
Individual have the power of expertise
Recheck either the output is ok or not
Correct the discrepancy of the output
Can be a source of input
Job satisfaction
Dropout rate
Overall quality
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