Mind Map Of Management Functions

Management Functionsplan objpolicies procedurestime span short range/operational ≤1 yr long range 5 yrstrategic SWOT focus strategy emergency procedures table top drill personnel procurement, receiving, storage security production & service organizing & staffing organizational chartsadvisory staff functional line of authority & staffcontrol spannarrow new hire wide highly trained & motivated workers staffing needs meal equivalent (meals/labor hr)acute care = 3.5 / 17 minsLTC = 5cafeteria = 5.5 school FS = 13-15 nourishments: 6 = 1 mealwork schedules master shift production schedule full time equivalent (FTE) (labor hrs per day or wk or yr) ÷ (8 hrs or 40 hrs or 2080)relief workers total employees need = current employees no. x 1.55 productivity inputslabor money materialsfacilitiesenergy outputsmealspt daysconsultsmeals / labor = total meals ÷ total hrs of FTEwork simplificationmotion econ occurrence sampling time working vs downtime operation charts hand movementscross charts equipment placements process charts Directingcoordination delegate duties to lowest competent lv.organizational communication channels between dept between functions social needs delegation communicationdownward dept head to workers upward workers to dept headhorizontal diagonal informal / grapevine control/evaluate establish standards measure compare w/ standards corrective action
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