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Mind Map Of Social Ethics

This is a Mind Map Of Social Ethics. The systematic reflection on the moral dimensions of social structures, systems, issues, and communities is known as social ethics. Social ethics is a subset of 'applied ethics,' which is the application of ethical reasoning to social issues. The distribution of economic goods, human subjects research, animal rights, euthanasia, abortion, discrimination and affirmative action, pornography, crime and punishment, and war and peace are only a few of the topics covered by social ethics. The main tasks of social ethicists are to: (1) examine social conditions, determining which are problematic in light of norms about what is good, right, or fair; (2) analyze possible actions that could change those conditions that have been found to be problematic; (3) recommend remedies based on a thorough study of the situation and a thorough analysis of the available possibilities. Each of these three processes is a highly valuable activity in and of itself. There are plenty of other templates related to sociology in the community of EdrawMind.

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