Mind Map Of Political Economy Analysis

Political Economy Analysis of InstitutionsSession 1: IntroductionsSession 2: InstitutionsSession 3: Evolution of Political InstitutionsSession 4: Co-Evolution ModelSession 6: Contract Enforcement - Model of Legal DevelopmentWhy Incomes DifferImportance of Institutions in EconomicsDefinitionsFormal vs InformalHow do Institutions emergeHistorical ExamplesSimple ModelSession 5: Contract EnforcementSession 7: Property RightsModel Setup: EconomyPolitical SystemDevelopmental Paths: AnalysisDynamic Compatibility of Economic and Political DevelopmentRisk of Default in TransactionsFirst-Party Enforcement: TrustSecond-Party Enforcement: RelationThird-Party Enforcement: LawCulture: Individualism vs CollectivismUsage of Informal vs Legal ContractsLitigiousness and Declining Social Capital in the USA Model of Legal Development: InstitutionsModel Analysis and New InsightsIntroductionProperty Rights in English HistoryDynamic Commitment ProblemsA Model on Property Rights SecurityMain Results and EvidenceSession 8: Education and Human CapitalSession 9: A Model of Educational ChangePurpose of EducationVocational vs General EducationHuman Capital TheoryInstitutions of Human CapitalLiberties and VirtueMotivation and EvidenceModel IntuitionsBasic ResultsExtensionsHistorical Evidence
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