Mind Map Of Diuretics

DiureticsAssessing side effectsMost frequent side effectsWhen subclasses are usedDehydrationHypocalcemiaHypochloremiaHypovolemiaMetabolic AlkalosisGlaucomaCarbonic anhydrase inhibitorsEdemaEpilepsyHigh-altitude sicknessLoop diuretics (FUROSEMIDE)Edema associated with HFLiver or kidney diseaseHTNIncreased excretion of calciumOsmotic diureticsPotassium sparingThiazideEarly acute kidney failureHFEdemaIdiopathic hypercalciuriaDiabetes insipidusHTNHFLab work that should be monitoredBUN and creatinineALP, AST, LDHFor kidney functionFor liver functionRelevance to the older adultOA more likely to have HTN and edemasHTN increases the risk of HF and other CVF diseasesDon't give at bedtime due to nocturiaGive at the same time every morningOA more susceptible to F&E imbalancesOA has increased risk of dehydration and electrolyte lossAdministrationBefore administration, assess forBreathing and lung soundsSkin turgor and edemaSerum electrolytes like K, Na, CL, Mg, CaAfter administration, assess forPostural BPPR and rhythmEdemaCap refillSerum electrolyte levels
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