Mind Map Of Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting MasterySelf AnalysisOur SystemCreate a Plan /GoalAction PlanScale upBelief SystemI am doing my best choices with the resources that are available to meI am doing my level best at this timeIf I get better choices, I will definitely chooseThere is nothing called Failure. It's just a feedbackSelf awarenessAcceptance of selfNegative EmotionsEmotional TriggersBehavioural PatternsStrengths/ WeaknessYour'sSpouse'sChild'sChallenges of LifePlan Every Step4 DsGoals: ChunksLearnCommunicationBody LanguageTonalityWordsSad ChildWhy communication is Important?What is Wrong with our communication?How it affects our family?Normal Gestures of a childReaction Vs. RespondListening SkillsHow words impact children?How Words Hurt?Meanest thing we say to kidsWhat should we be mindful about while communicating to Kids?Types of CommunicationBehaviourEmotionsConcentrationDifference Between Hearing and ListeningAttention spanUnderstandExpressConfidentBehavioural PatternsNegative BehavioursPositive Behaviours also turn out Dangerous & Vice Versa Positive BehaviourHow to change the HabitRespond Vs. ReactValuesAttitudeBehaviour4Ds ApplicationList of Values in themselves CommunicationWords to changeWords to AdaptBody Language/ GesturesRespond/ ReactBehavioral ChangesLearning Language of ChildrenVisualAuditoryKinestheticIf MismatchedDo not ListenEye ContactCompareBlameBarriersEnvironmentVerbalNon VerbalAttitude Emotional StateCultureLanguage
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