Mind Map Of Cellular Organelle's Functions

functons of cellular organellesendoplasmic reticulumnuclear envelopeplasma membraneallows sufficient passage of oxygen, nutrients and waste to service the volume of every cellencloses the nucleusseparating it from the cytoplasmsmooth ERrough ERsynthesizes of lipids metabolism of carbohydratesdetoxification of drugs and poisonsstorage of calcium ionstastes and ovaries are rich in smooth ERRER makes secretory proteins, is a membrane factory for the cell, makes membrane phospholipidhas bound ribosomes which secrete glycoproteins(proteins covalently bonded to carbohydrates)transport vesicles proteins surrounded by membranes to other component of the endomembrane systemGolgi apparatusmanufactures certain macromolecules sorts and packages materials into transport vesiclesgolgi apparatus is especially extensive in secretory cellsLysosomeshydrolyze proteins, fats, polysaccharides and nucleic acidsvacuoleshelp to protect plants against herbivores by storing compunds that are poisonous to animalshold organic compounds and water and play a major role in the growth of pllants