Mind Map Of War Letter During WWI

War letters during WWIWhat is a war letter?When did the soldiers write?importance of the letters during the warimportance of the letters todaycensoringgreen letterpath of a lettertrench letterfree paper, buy a cardall possible subjectsforbidden subjectsat the front linesbehind the front linesfair amount of free timetraveling/ settled behind battlefieldnot much free timedelivery personcomunicationspend free timefamiliessoldiersease pain of separationdream, forget bad timescertainly of lifehope for a good homecomingease pain of separationsource of informationreliablepractical informationother informationwhere they werewhat they diddatehow they feltdaily lifewhy?reconstruct those timesstories, movies, ...empathise with their lives no valuable informationchecked by generalmailman robbed by enemysometimes possiblenot censoredno valuable informationsometimes, one would be opend to check1.card or paper2.writing letter3.general checks message4.mailman to sorting area5.family
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