Mind Map Of Public Personnel Administration

INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATIONDEFINITION OBJECTIVES IMPORTANT PERSONNEL:Personnel administration is an art of managing people or human resources who work for the organization .Societal objective :to be socially responsible to the need and challenges of society.Important element of government administrative systems. The effective conduct of the work of government depends upon the people work and how this people are being administered.ROLES OF PUBLIC PERSONNEL MANAGER SERVICE FUNCTIONS COORDINATING FUNCTIONS ADVISORY FUNCTIONS CONTROL FUNCTIONSserving and assisting line managers in recruiting staff, organizing training and organizing motivation program, deal with labour relation.coordinating personnel activities to ensure that HR objectives, policies and procedures are consistently carried out by line manager across the organization.E.g compensation policy, health and safety policy.offering expert advice on personnel policyAnalyzing key operational areas such as labour turnover, wage , disciplineThe human resource or human aspect of the organization.The most valuable asset of the companyADMINISTARIONThe acts of planning, organizing, directing and controlling (POLC).The management and utilization of people, machines, systems and technologies to achieve certain objectives.The design of formal systems in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals (Mathis & Jackson, 2004).The policies and practices involved in carrying out the “people” or human resource aspects of a management position including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising (Dessler, 2005).The utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives ( Mondy, 2010)PPA MANAGER is the division of human resources which deals with employees working for a governmental entity or related non-profit organization. that is concerned with the acquisition,development,utilization and compensation of a public organization’s workforce.EXAMPLE: JPAOrganizational objective :to recognize that personnel administration exists to contribute to organizational effectivenessFunctional objective :to maintain the personnel admin contribution at a level appropriate with organisation’s neededPersonal objective to assist employees in achieving their personal goals.To ensure public organization has enough and competence staff to perform the tasks of the particular organization.To improve the productive contribution of the public servants and to ensure that all government employees are treated well according to the HRM principles.Personnel manager is the individual who normally acts in advisory or staff capacity, working with other managers regarding human resource administration mattersThe PPA manager is primarily responsible for conducting the administration of personnel to help the public organization achieve its goals.e.g job promotion and career prospects.FUNCTION OF ROLES SERVICE FUNCTIONTo serve and assist line/section/ department managers in promoting staff e.g. Managing staff recruitment and selection and organizing motivation and training programs.COORDINATIVE FUNCTION To coordinate personnel activities to ensure that HR objectives, policies and procedures are consistently carried out by line/section/department manager across the organization. e.g.Managing compensation schemes and Harmonizing safety and health policies.CONTROL FUNCTION To analyze key operational areas in the whole organization, through the inputs provided by line/section/department managers. e.g. Managing labour turnover and supervising employee discipline.ADVISORY FUNCTIONTo offer or provide expert advice on personnel policy to the organization as a whole or to the line/section/department managers. e.g. Providing consultation on promotion and career prospectsCHALLENGESGLOBALIZATION. Embracing new technologyManaging change Cost Factors Affecting PPAgoing global-international)Borderless economy, international actorscomputer & internet-Utilize the technologyonline rather than inline(e-gov,e-procurement)Problem occur when the employee resistance to change.Move to k-worker, k-economyrespond to gov policy,technology,law etcPPA need to manage change effectivelyManage resistance to changeSend to training etcfinancial strength of the organization)Organization should have cost effectiveness.Problem when cost to send to recruitment and trainingEXTERNALExternal factors – factors that affect an organization from outside its boundaries./beyond the controlNational policy e.g: unemployment policyEmployment legislation e.g act and regulations,EA1957Changes in technology and skills requiredPersonnel movementNational economic scale / productivityIncome and compensation policyIndustrial relation-Employee and employer relationLabour marketINTERNALInternal factors – factors that affect an organization from inside a firm’s boundaries/within the org controlOrganizational culture/policyOrganizational strategic objectiveOrganizational performanceTrade union policy in the organizationEmployment planning